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Mate Preference Integration

Mate choice requires comparing a constellation of preferences to an array of imperfect potential mates. How does a mate who is unintelligent compare to one who is unhealthy? Is it better to have a mate who is beautiful or kind? Our research explores how individuals integrate multiple preferences to make decisions in the mating domain.
Mating Market Dynamics

The role of mate preferences in mating behavior can be obscured by the complex dynamics inherent to human mate choice. We use simulations of human mating markets to account for and manipulate these dynamics in order to clarify the causal role of and surprising consequences of mate preferences for mate choice in realistic, complex mating markets.
 Modeling Sexual Selection

Mating psychology is both a key target and driver of biological evolution. We use agent-based models of mate choice evolution to examine how mating psychologies impact reproduction and thereby create sexual selection forces that shape human mating psychology, mate choice, and trait variation across generations.